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#TipTuesday-Raking Your Leaves

#TipTuesday-Raking Your Leaves

Now that it’s officially fall and summer is gone, it’s time to start preparing your yard and home for winter! Fall can be a busy yard work season. One thing everyone does during fall is rake their leaves. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s important to keep up with raking leaves. Here are some tips to make raking easier.

1. Rake as often as you can

If you left unattended, leaves can suffocate your grass and become moldy, so make sure you rake or blow the leaves in your yard often.

2. Use a tarp

Once you rake your leaves into a pile, it can be difficult to gather them and put them into lawn bags. To better trap your leaves and make transportation easier, create piles on a tarp.

3. Consider using leaves for a compost bin

If left in a compost bin, leaves can break down and be used as a great fertilizer for your lawn and garden bed come spring. Consider creating a homemade compost bin to put your leaves in this fall if you don’t already have one.

4. Continue raking your leaves until the end of fall

Even after all the leaves have fallen in your yard, don’t expect to be done with raking, as leaves can still blow into your yard. Be on top of raking leaves until they are all finally gone.