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#TipTuesday- Preparing For College Move-In Day

#TipTuesday- Preparing For College Move-In Day

It’s mid-August, and move-in days are coming up shortly for many colleges and universities. Now that you’ve bought and packed everything you need, it’s time to prepare for move-in day. Move-in day can be hectic and stressful, and here are some tips for getting through move-in day fairly stress-free.

1. Leave early

Even if you have a set window of time for move-in, leave earlier than you need to. There may be traffic back-ups and delays, and if you get there early, you may be able to move in ahead of your window.

2. Be patient

Move-in day requires a lot of patience, as you will be making multiple trips to transport items and may experience delays to get into your dorm. Staying calm and patient will help the process run smoother.

3. Pack your car the night before

Pack everything you can in your car the night before. That way, you will only have to worry about getting to your college when you wake up the next day and not about how to arrange your car or if everything will fit.

4. Have a cleaning and toolkit handy

Prepare a cleaning supply and toolkit and have it readily accessible. Before unpacking everything else, you will likely want to tidy up the room, so have any items you need for the unpacking process on hand.