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#TipTuesday- Getting Rid Of Furniture

#TipTuesday- Getting Rid Of Furniture

While preparing to move, you may find that you have furniture you don’t want to bring to your new living space. Furniture is another item that is easy to donate.

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is an organization that accepts gently used furniture. They take furniture from kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and will even take some appliances, storage units, and cookware. Before donating your furniture, check and make sure that it is in good, usable condition. To learn more about what items Furniture Bank of Central Ohio accepts, go here: http://furniturebankcoh.org/residential-donations/.

You can either drop off your furniture at Furniture Bank of Central Ohio or request a pick-up. Furniture Bank of Central Ohio will do all the heavy lifting in a pick-up and can typically take your furniture within a week or two. To request a furniture pick-up, visit: http://furniturebankcoh.org/residential-donations/.

The furniture donated to Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is given to families in poverty across central Ohio. E.E. Ward commends this organization for their effort to help reduce poverty in the local community.