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Tips For a Stress-free Move In Day

If you’ve found yourself preparing for a move, but aren’t quite sure what you should be doing, E.E. Ward is here to help!  Our moving services and pre-move checklist can help to make your move as stress free as possible!

Things to Remember on Moving Day:move in day

  • Make sure parking spots and walkways are cleared for the fleet to ensure a quick and safe delivery of your items
  • Double check that you have all immediate use items such as important medications, toiletries, and personal items packed with you versus in the moving truck
  • Take care of your driver and crew, offering items as simple as a water or light snacks. On hot summer days, waters are highly appreciated!
  • If you have children, pack some items to keep them preoccupied such as coloring books or a movie to watch on a mobile device. However, make sure that your children are aware of where their items are going to avoid confusion and insecurity.
  • Make sure that you have emergency numbers and the numbers of your driver and moving company.
  • Once your move is complete, make sure to go over any important documents and payment processes with your driver and relocation coordinator.