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Summer Move Packing Tips

Summer Move Packing Tips

Do you have a summer move coming up? If you pack your belongings yourself, it will save you money, but the mover generally isn’t responsible in the event of damage. However, if you have your movers do the packing, you will save a lot of your valuable time and protect yourself if damage occurs. You will pay for packing materials, time, and labor, but professional packers are careful and experienced when it comes to packing your most prized possessions.

During the packing and loading process, it is essential that you are present for the entire time that the Van Line Agents are in your home to answer any questions and allow you to oversee the process.

DO NOT SHIP any valuables (such as jewelry, insurance policies, legal or important documents, currency and collections, such as baseball cards, stamps, coins, etc.) with the moving company.  These items are not covered by insurance and should be handled outside the move process. If you have any questions on insurance coverage or exclusions, please contact your relocation consultant.

The following items CANNOT BE SHIPPED:  perishable items, plants, and combustible or flammable items.  This includes oil-based paints, bleach, cleaning and lighting fluids, matches, ammunition, aerosol cans, and propane tanks.

Once the loading of your household goods is completed and before you sign any documents, you should perform a final inspection of your home by walking through all rooms with the driver to be sure all items have been packed.  If any items have been missed, please tell the driver or crew to pack those items. Should you notice any property damage, please document the damage on the inventory sheet and contact your consultant within 24 hours to report the damage.