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Tips To Prepare For Company Moves

Tips To Prepare For Company Moves

Moving your company to another location can be a big boost to your business. It can bring you closer to your customers, give you more space to operate, create a more attractive environment to woo new hires, or all of those benefits combined. Yet as much as a new location may be exactly everything your business needs to succeed, there’s no doubt that relocating also is a lot of work. Because a corporate relocation can be much more complicated than a residential move, it’s important for any business planning one to put the right amount of thought into it. Here are some tips to help your business prepare for your corporate moving day.

Put Someone in Charge

Your business needs strong leadership to succeed, and that includes when it comes time to move to another location. Appointing a moving coordinator from your staff will give everyone in the company a single point of contact if they have questions. It will also streamline the planning process considerably. Make sure you choose someone with excellent organizational and communications skills.

Be Clear About the Plan

Having someone in charge will help when it comes to disseminating all of the important details about your company’s move. That will be essential in the weeks leading to the move, because anyone who isn’t on the same page will create chaos. Make sure the plan for the move is communicated clearly and frequently with everyone in the company. That includes all of the smallest details, such as how to label each employee’s items to be packed.

Be Ready for Questions

Relocating is a disruption for just about everyone in your company. Be patient and make sure you address everyone’s concerns thoroughly. Otherwise, you could bring a heavy load of confusion to your new office along with the water coolers and copiers.

Hire Experienced Movers

Perhaps the most important element of your company’s moving experience will be the moving company you hire to facilitate the process. Make sure you hire movers that are experienced with corporate moves, and always ask about the company’s licenses and insurance situation.

At EE Ward Moving and Storage, we have lots of experience dealing with corporate relocations, making them as smooth as possible for our customers. If you’re planning to relocate your company soon, give us a call and find out how we can make it easier for you.