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In Christy’s Shoes 9th Annual Charity Event

In Christy’s Shoes 9th Annual Charity Event

Last week E.E. Ward was an event partner with “In Christy’s Shoes” fundraising event! “In Christy’s Shoes” goal is to impact communities where women are in vulnerable circumstances by raising funds for integral programming. The organization was created in honor of Christy Peters, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at age 33. Throughout her fight she was resilient, and never gave up hope for the future. Her love was one of her greatest qualities, she lost her fight at age 34, and in 2009 her sister along with two beloved friends created “In Christy’s Shoes” to commemorate her life, and help other women in their community.

In these communities, there are high amounts of homelessness, unemployment, and human trafficking.  This was their 9th annual event in which they raise funds to support the cause. Hundreds of guest attended this year’s fashion show and live auction held at St. Charles Preparatory School. Stories of challenging experiences are shared at this event to bring more awareness but to also help bring more financial resources to the organizations to help women get a chance at a new start.. The foundation has raised a grand total of over $800,000 since its inception. E.E. Ward is a proud sponsor of this amazing organization, if anyone would also like to become a sponsor, you can click this link and donate now.