November Drivers of the Month

November Drivers of the Month

Local Driver of the Month: Jason Trent

Jason did an exceptional job delivering items to customers all of November.  He is committed to going above and beyond to satisfy customers, no matter what the task calls for. Over the past month, 8 customers have posted 5 star reviews for moves and deliveries in which they mentioned Jason’s name for special thanks.  

Jason attributes the November success to his commitment to customer satisfaction,  “No matter how many flights of stairs, I make sure the customer’s possessions are delivered in their appropriate place” - Jason Trent

Long Distance Driver of the Month: Andy and Dee Arvanitis

Andy and his wife Dee Arvanitis received three out of three perfect 5 ratings during the month of November. With customer reviews such as "I thought they were good and they were on time at both houses" and "The convenience is what influenced my rating", this portrays Andy and Dee’s commitment to high quality standards. Punctuality and convenience are a big factor when relocating an entire household from state to state!

Thank you for all of your hard work!