New Year. New City. New You.

New Year. New City. New You.

As we ring in 2018 with new resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, perhaps it’s time to start considering your relocation options. A new city for the new year could be the perfect way to start a new chapter of your life. According to the Updater, here are the top 10 cities to move to from 2017. Check out this list to see if you could picture yourself making a new life in any of these destinations.


  • Washington D.C.- What better place to relocate than our nation’s capital? Filled with endless amounts of rich American history, the city also has a thriving art scene and a booming economy. There is truly never a dull moment in this city.


  • Dallas-Fort Worth Texas- Dallas-Fort Worth is the largest metropolitan area in Texas. The city is home to 22 Fortune 500 companies, making it the third largest Fortune 500 hub in the country. If you’re looking for warmer weather or just looking for a new big city, Dallas-Fort Worth is a great place to checkout.  


  • Los Angeles, California- Located in southern California, LA is the center of that Nation’s entertainment and film industry. With attractions ranging from Disneyland, the Walk of Fame, and of course the iconic Hollywood sign, LA is a fresh and exciting place with endless sites to see.



  • New York, New York- The city so nice, they named it twice. With a population of over 8 million people and the highest population density in the United States, it is truly the city that never sleeps. With everything just a short train ride away, the city is at your fingertips. Home of many iconic American attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and much more New York promises to provide endless adventure and entertainment.


  • Atlanta, Georgia- With over 200 sunny days per year, an affordable cost of living it is no wonder that Atlanta made the Top 10 Cities to move to list. For those who appreciate good food and better beer Atlanta is a must-see. Atlanta, like many of the other cities, has a vibrant night and art scene, making it a fun choice for anyone looking to relocate.


  • Austin, Texas- Another city in the Lone Star State, Austin’s economy is on the rise. Mixed with it’s low cost of living and high quality life-style, it has been recognized as one of the best cities for high pay and low expenses. It is one of the greenest, most energy efficient cities in Texas. Austin is thriving, and you could be too if you choose to move here.



  • Houston, Texas- Yet another Texas city, Houston is the fourth most populated city in the country. Two of its major perks are that it is home to multiple thriving energy companies as well as 5 professional sports teams. Houston is a quickly growing place that is known for its diversity. Although commutes may be long, housing prices are pretty low. You can even check out a rodeo or two if you decide to make your home here.


  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- If you decide to move to the city of brotherly love, you’ll find yourself in an both an incredibly affordable and historically rich town. Grab yourself a Philly cheesesteak and scope out the unique museum scene. The food scene is remarkable, and public transportation is top notch, making Philadelphia a great place to relocate.



  • San Francisco, California- The great weather alone may be enough to convince you to move to San Fran, but there are many other reasons to check out this city as well. San Francisco is incredibly diverse, with minorities being the majority. It provides a plethora of well-paying career opportunities and is a great place for those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.



  • Chicago, Illinois- Finally coming in at number 10 is Chicago, home of legendary deep dish pizza and the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, aka the Bean. A big sports, comedy, art, and theatre town- Chicago is sure to serve up endless entertainment. Known as one of the cleanest cities, Chicago has a promising economic future and is sure to provide endless opportunities if you choose to make it your home.


All of these cities are great places to start a new life. Do some research and start this new year with a new home in a new place. Break out of that comfort zone and see what’s out there, and as always, don’t forget to let Ward move you!