It’s Always Important to Help Your Neighbor

It’s Always Important to Help Your Neighbor

With Hurricane Harvey affecting Texas residents in life changing ways, E.E. Ward would like to reflect on the importance of helping your neighbor.

Eldon Ward placed great value on community service and giving back to the community. These values are something that we strive to keep alive in our company today.

There are many ways to help your community including connecting with non-profit organizations, helping with community groups, and supporting fundraisers. Below are a few examples of ways we have been able to support our local community;


Digital Drop Off Day: E.E. Ward helped collect donations for Digital Drop Off Day, an event that collected old and broken electronics to be refurbished, recycled, and distributed to members of the community. These community members would otherwise not have access to technology.

Laps For Learning: The Laps for Learning event sponsored by E.E. Ward was a swimathon fundraiser that collected donations for water safety. Water safety is a huge issue in every community, and it is important that children receive proper water training and swim lessons. E.E. Ward is proud to be able to sponsor 232 local children with the money raised from Laps for Learning.

School Supply Drive: E.E. Ward helped the Chamber of Commerce to collect school supplies for Southwestern City School children who otherwise couldn’t afford them.


Community service is something we value at E.E. Ward and we hope that you do too. Remember to be generous in these trying times for our country .