10 Helpful Tips For a Successful Winter Move

10 Helpful Tips For a Successful Winter Move

1) Confirm details with your movers - While movers will have more available dates in the winter, you must still make sure to confirm the details of your move a few days before the date you have chosen, since the winter weather can be unpredictable.

2) Cover your floors - To make sure your floors stay clean as people are coming in and out of your home during the move, lay some cheap plastic tarps down on the floor and lay mats out at every door from the outside to the inside. This will ensure your carpet and hardwood are protected from messes and damage.

3) Board your pets - Since there will be people all around your house and your heat may be off during the move, you should find a warm and safe space for your beloved pets during your move. Try checking out local boarders and kennels with one or two day discounted rates and keep your pets warm, safe, and secure on moving day.

4) Clear the sidewalks, driveways, and streets - Moving heavy furniture and boxes across an icy sidewalk could be a recipe for disaster. Make sure to be proactive and salt, shovel, or snow blow any walkways the movers will be walking on to guarantee their safety.

5) Keep hot drinks on hand- Having a crockpot of hot cocoa or other warm drinks will be helpful for you and your movers. A hot drink is the perfect way to combat and the cold and will lift everyone spirits.

6) Double pack fragile items-Fragile items can become even more brittle in the cold weather, so be sure to use extra padding when packing these items.

7) Baby your electronics-Electronics do not bode well in the cold. Box up your electronics and bring them in the car with you where there’s heat to ensure they maintain a steady temperature.

8) Err on the side of caution- To ensure the safety of your possessions, be flexible. Winter can bring some unforeseen complications with ice and snow. Be flexible and prepare  

9) Start Early- With days being shorter in the colder months, it’s smart to start your move early in the morning. this gives you more daylight and flexibility with your move.

10) Plan your travel route carefully- Choose main roads that will most likely be snow plowed and safe to drive on. Remember to check the news for road conditions before beginning your journey.